Why Hire a Financial Advisor? It May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Business

The benefits of hiring a financial consultant for your home building business are many. Leave the time-consuming analysis and strategizing to experienced professionals and reap the rewards of having everything under control

It’s difficult to maintain a successful business, no matter the sector.

Hire Power: Questions to Ask When Seeking a New Accountant

Take the anxiety out of tax time by finding an accountant who is the right fit for your home building business

Being audited by the IRS can feel like a disaster waiting to happen if you’re not confident in your accounting methods, and filing taxes can be a confusing and complicated process – especially if you’re a business owner.

How to Boost Customer Service This Spring

Focusing on taxes for your home building business can take away from customer service leading up to April 15th. Don’t let it happen this year

Any business sees the importance of customer service every day. Building positive relationships is a long process you begin with initial lead generation, finesse during the sale, and continue long after a deal is made.

Solutions for Those Overtime Budgeting Blues

Overtime costs can be expensive and hard to navigate. Can new technologies help home builders better manage shift workers and budgeting?

For any construction company, managing workers’ schedules can be a headache. These issues become even more problematic when workers start reporting a lot of overtime hours, meaning you have to pay them even more for that extra time (one-and-a-half times their normal pay for any hours worked over 40 per week).

These costs can add up fast and affect your company’s bottom line in a big way.