Don’t Pay More Small Business Taxes Than You Should

Tax tips for small business owners.
Businesses of all sizes should always be looking for ways to offset the costs of running the business, and small businesses can really benefit from the boost those deductions make to the bottom line. Not taking advantage of them really is neglecting your company’s earning potential, and even though it’s coming close to year end, there are still some advantages you can put in place before December 31.

5 tax deductions to help make sure your small business doesn’t overpay this year

Of course, when you’re running a small business, it’s next to impossible to find the time to research all the possible ways to decrease your tax burden.

Is Cloud-Based Accounting Worth the Risk?

What to consider before doing your accounting in the cloud.
In almost all areas of our lives, the simplicity, convenience, and efficiency of cloud-based computing has taken over – from storing our family photos to banking and healthcare. The ability to access information from anywhere and let someone else handle all the maintenance are just two game-changing reasons we’re getting out of our PCs and into the cloud.