4 Tips to Ensure You Get Paid on Time

Late payments are a big deal for any business owner. Here’s how to lock down deadlines and fight for what you’ve earned.

As a business owner, a big stressor can be payment timing. Not only do you have to juggle structural deadlines, problems that arise, and many other aspects of the home building process, but you also have to make sure you’re managing your income and expenses effectively.

Market Trends in Home Building: Financial Planning for a Soft Market

What's behind the softness in the home building industry and how financial planning can help.

While housing starts exceeded expectations at the beginning of summer, permits came in below estimates, and existing home sales were lower than expected for four crucial months that are usually lucrative for the real estate market.

Is Smart Home Technology Worth Incorporating into Your Next Build?

Home builders can take advantage of Smart Homes by incorporating tech into their building projects

Smart home devices are becoming more and more common. The advance of the Internet of Things (IoT) creates the desire for pretty much everything to be integrated into the digital sphere in some capacity.

Plug-In to the Future: Electric Construction Equipment Is Worth the Investment

Although the initial investment is high, lifetime costs are lower with electric

Embracing new technology can be difficult, particularly if it disrupts tradition and may unbalance the budget. It often seems like an unnecessary step driven more by industry trends than actual need, so once you add in the cost, learning curve, and the uncertainty around receiving a return on your investment, it’s easy to look at emerging technology with a skeptical eye.

7 Tips to Elevate Your Construction Company to The Next Step – and Beyond

Level up your construction business using these tactics

Chances are, it happens every time you see a competitor’s job site – the anxious twist inspired by a client that could have been yours. If you want your business to grow, understanding why it’s not your crew on that site is crucial.