Continued Growth: Updating Your Business Goals

Create new growth goals that are specific and attainable

With a somewhat uncertain economy and housing market wrapping the end of 2018, home builders may be cautious moving into the new year. However, the construction industry is still expected to remain one of the fastest-growing markets.

Tax Credits for Homebuilders

Tax law is always changing. As a contractor or home builder, make sure you keep up with and take advantage of, tax credits that may be available to you.

Tax time is getting closer, and while everyone has been adapting to the most recent tax law changes, after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed in late 2017, those in the construction realm have seen some big impacts.

Aging in Place: How Home Builders Can Accommodate the Elderly

Why should home builders focus on addressing the needs of aging populations?

More people want to age in place and stay in their homes. Learn how to rethink structures by addressing accessibility needs. Research from Harvard’s Joint Center shows that one in three homeowners in the U.S. is over the age of 65. Of this number, which is made up of over 25 million households, 44 percent require accessibility updates in their homes to continue living there.

Homebuilders Are Getting Creative in the Face of Labor Shortages

New technology can help build homes faster regardless of the size of your crew

Time is money, and this age-old adage is particularly true in the building industry. A delay in the construction process can have far-reaching consequences, including everything from disgruntled clients and the resultant negative word-of-mouth marketing, all the way up to a costly lawsuit for delay of use damages.

Solutions for Those Overtime Budgeting Blues

Overtime costs can be expensive and hard to navigate. Can new technologies help home builders better manage shift workers and budgeting?

For any construction company, managing workers’ schedules can be a headache. These issues become even more problematic when workers start reporting a lot of overtime hours, meaning you have to pay them even more for that extra time (one-and-a-half times their normal pay for any hours worked over 40 per week).

These costs can add up fast and affect your company’s bottom line in a big way.

Artificial Intelligence: Are You Ready for a Robotic Construction Crew?

The construction industry is evolving to include robotics and artificial intelligence

Although the concept of robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems like the plot point of a science fiction movie, both are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives.