Is 3D Printing the Next Big Thing in Real Estate?

3D printing is starting to appear in construction and real estate development projects. Is it time to add this hot new technology to your business plans?

The technology only recently became ubiquitous, but three-dimensional (3D) printing was first introduced in the 1980s as a quick way to create prototypes.

Qualified Business Income Deduction: A New 20% Break for Business Taxpayers

The qualified business income (QBI) deduction is often misunderstood. Learn exactly what QBI is and find out if you're eligible for this 20% deduction.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act includes a 20% deduction that many business owners can claim starting with their 2018 taxes.

How Marketing Metrics Keep Your Home Building Business Running

Why metrics are key to keep things running smoothly

Marketing is a crucial part of getting new clients, and in the world of home building, that’s a constant consideration that your business depends on, quite literally.

The latest technologies surrounding analytics mean that you can gather data about your marketing efforts and your ideal audience to further improve your strategy and get more clients.

Construction Business: The Art of Delegation

You run a successful home-building firm, but what happens when you’re away? These strategies will keep you focused on growing your business while giving everyday tasks to employees you trust

There comes a point in the life of a business when the leader must step aside, even for short periods, and let others take charge.

Beat the Heat: How to Improve Your Energy-Efficient Efforts

Energy efficiency helps reduce hot summer days and high utility bills. Learn how to help as a homebuilder.

With steadily rising energy costs, energy-efficient homes aren’t just a passing construction trend. The benefits of energy-efficient construction are numerous, including reduced costs, increased comfort, and added marketability for buyers, as well as an overall reduction of greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.

Why Hire a Financial Advisor? It May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Business

The benefits of hiring a financial consultant for your home building business are many. Leave the time-consuming analysis and strategizing to experienced professionals and reap the rewards of having everything under control

It’s difficult to maintain a successful business, no matter the sector.

Hire Power: Questions to Ask When Seeking a New Accountant

Take the anxiety out of tax time by finding an accountant who is the right fit for your home building business

Being audited by the IRS can feel like a disaster waiting to happen if you’re not confident in your accounting methods, and filing taxes can be a confusing and complicated process – especially if you’re a business owner.

Why New Home Construction Costs Are Rising

For home builders, construction costs continue to rise. Here’s what’s causing the increases and what builders can do to help mitigate lost revenue

One of the biggest ongoing concerns for home builders is the rise of construction costs in new home construction that impact their hard-earned businesses.

Mid-year Money Check-Up: Reassess Your Financial Plan after Tax Season

Successful financial planning requires consistency, commitment, and a mid-year review

When facing a new year, it’s much easier to get motivated and enthusiastic about setting goals and making plans; after all, a fresh new calendar year seems like the ideal time to harness your energy and ideas in an effort to make a marked difference to the future that lies ahead.

How a Financial Advisor Can Help You This Spring

Hiring a financial advisor can help you whip your cash flow management into shape

Successful business owners recognize that they can’t do everything alone. This year, don’t let taxes and reporting take up all the time you need to devote to building your business and managing operations.