Annual Business Valuation

Whether you’re currently negotiating a merger, contemplating an exit strategy, or you just want to compare the value of your business against the market, annual business valuation services give you all the information required to make the right decisions. As a certified valuation analyst, No Boundaries uses the latest market research and appraisal techniques to estimate the value of your organization as it evolves over time.

No Boundaries streamlines the valuation process so you always have a valuation statement on hand for tax purposes, audits, and strategic deals.

Our Annual Business Valuation services include:

  • Asset valuation - we place a dollar amount on all your physical assets, including machinery, furniture, computers, inventory, and intellectual property.
  • Income valuation - we analyze the ‘earning power’ of your company by analyzing revenue and costs throughout the year.
  • Market valuation - we determine your firm’s financial health and compare it against other firms within the same market.

If you are looking for quality valuation done right, No Boundaries is the clear winner.

Find out how much your business is worth