Tax Preparation

Dealing with the government can be a tricky business and an issue can quickly escalate out of control if not handled properly. Our team is very well versed in research and resolution of a full spectrum of issues facing all taxpaying entities, including tax planning and return preparation. Our process ensures expedient results delivered to you in plain English.

At No Boundaries our tax professionals have a comprehensive understanding of federal, state and local tax regulations. We stay up to the minute on tax code changes and will help you understand how they affect you and your business.

Here’s how No Boundaries helps you prepare your taxes:

  • We research the notice (in many cases contacting the IRS directly).
  • We consult with you regarding the process involved to resolve the issue.
  • We help you prepare and present any information as required.
  • We follow up on your behalf to ensure the case is closed in a satisfactory manner.

No Boundaries’s staff combined with our army of outside tax specialists work cohesively to ensure that all aspects of your tax situation are covered.

Our goal is to help you meet your tax obligations without any hassle.