Estate & Trust Administration

When it comes to the administration of an estate or trust, the whole process can be both overwhelming and time-consuming. Without proper handling, the estate and trust administration can lead to unnecessary and often avoidable expenses, disputes, and other financial issues. No Boundaries’s professionals are here to assist you with the many complicated responsibilities of administering an estate or a trust.

No Boundaries’s Estate and Trust Administration services are designed to simplify the responsibilities of acting as an executor and trustee. Our professional consultants are fluent in the complexities of probate laws and estate taxes - we are the experts you can count on.

Estate and Trust Administration services from No Boundaries include:

  • Preparation of inventory and fiduciary accounts
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Identification of estate/trust assets and liabilities
  • Coordination of asset appraisals
  • Representation of estate and trust beneficiaries
  • ...and more

With No Boundaries’s experts behind you, you can rest easy knowing your estate and trust administration is in good hands. We implement strategies and tools to help minimize taxes and make sure your rights are protected.

Successful estate and trust administration is within reach.